It’s More Than An Organization.

It’s A Movement.

We see the same stories on the 10:00pm news practically every night – another young, promising life taken too soon by violence in the neighborhoods of Englewood and Woodlawn. The next response is wondering what can be done about it and if it’s ever going to change. Deirdre Koldyke wondered the very same thing. Then she identified a special person at the heart of the community that just might make a key difference – mothers. It’s what inspired Deirdre to create an organization in EarthHeart Foundation that would bring more mothers together. When you think about it, no other person has the power to be a positive influence on one’s life quite like a mother. It all begins with her. When she utilizes her nurturing spirit, the foundation she brings to one child at a time can make all the difference. A stronger mom creates a stronger family, which in turn creates a stronger community. That’s when the ripple effect starts. But in Chicago’s most challenged communities, there are mothers who need our help to continue the momentum. Which is exactly where EarthHeart Foundation comes in. Our organization strives to provide the mother of the inner city with the resources, connections and programs she needs to lead her community forward. Take a closer look at how you can be involved as a mentor, volunteer or sponsor of EarthHeart to support community change for good.




Peace is built upon a healthy community, which comes from a healthy home, which starts with a healthy mom. The physical and mental health of our mothers must be supported with programs that help the community’s greatest asset, the mother, better take care of herself even after she takes care of so many others.



Peace is found when mothers not only connect with one another but emerge with greater education and understanding of what she needs to do to propel her community forward.


Economic Empowerment

Peace feels attainable as more mothers are supported economically with programs that provide her access to key services. With financial support, her ideas carry extra weight and credibility in the community.



Peace obviously doesn’t come without safety and our programs are created out of the feedback mothers have given us on the resources and connections we need to bring to bear to support them and reduce violence.