EarthHeart Foundation Fundraiser



For more than 5 years, EarthHeart has provided resources and wrap-around services to mothers in the Chicago communities of Englewood and Woodlawn. Residing in asset deficient neighborhoods – women are often underserved, overlooked and overloaded with daily demands. We believe mothers are the untapped resource and remedy for corners in crisis. Often invisible and voiceless, they are the once hidden figures that bond families and build thriving zip codes. EarthHeart Foundation provides high-touch programs to equip mothers with essential information, education, and resources to produce empowered community leaders, youth advocates, and facilitators of peace.

EarthHeart Board Members

  • Deirdre Koldyke, Founder
  • Jasmine Johnson
  • Marielle Sainvilus
  • Nina Abnee
  • Laura Van Peenan
  • Ashley Floyd
  • Monica Green
  • Monique Mervin

About This Event

Housed in the art gallery of the Chicago Center for Arts and Technology, this portrait installation layers thoughtful statements over graceful images, “Do You See Me?” is a photo exhibition that explores the triumphs and trials of being a black woman in the United States. This collection of stunning images leave a permanent imprint on your heart – telling visual stories that penetrate your soul, and resonate with your conscience.


A professional photographer for more than 15 years, Mary began her career as a photojournalist, and continues to draw from her roots as a storyteller. Her current projects explore women in America and the complex lives they lead. She investigates the challenges they face, including the formation of identity, racial discrimination, and their relationships with their bodies. For each woman photographed, she hopes to reveal not only the truth of her life, but also give insights into her resilience and strength.


The Chicago Center for Arts & Technology is focused on the power of unifying communities, the connection between art and technology, and the benefits of engaging and teaching in an inspirational and beautiful environment.

CHICAT opened its doors in Spring, 2017 to offer life-affirming, after-school arts and technology education for students and innovative vocational training for adults. The association is fueled by creativity, innovation, and the passion to leverage community strengths, interests, and wisdom.